True wrist problem vs Other problem?

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Did you know Chiropractic treatments can help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Sometimes what seems painfully obvious is not actually correct. Take a pain in your wrist. The problem must be in your wrist, right?

Not always. There can be nerve interference elsewhere that is causing or adding to that pain.

Carpal Tunnel

Let’s look at carpal tunnel syndrome. Feel along the back of your wrist for the carpals, those eight small bones grouped in two rows. Held together with ligaments, they form a “tunnel” or passageway for your median nerve. When swelling narrows the tunnel, the nerve gets compressed and causes pain, tingling and more.

But pain, numbness or tingling in the wrist also can be caused by nerve interference elsewhere, a phenomenon called the “double crush.” In this scenario, the median and other nerves running through the wrist are being compressed but the compression sites might also be in the spine, shoulder, neck or elbow.

Can Chiropractic Help?

Resolving carpal tunnel problems requires looking beyond the wrist. A thorough chiropractic examination of the upper spine, shoulder and elbow can help determine the origins of your problems.

What Exactly is a Subluxation?

lebanon oh chiropractor subluxation

Subluxations may occur when vertebrae in the spine are misaligned or move out of place.

It goes by different names: Subluxation, Vertebral Subluxation, Vertebral Subluxation Complex or simply Nerve Interference. Regardless of its name, it’s probably new to you. Turns out, chiropractors are the only licensed professionals who know how to detect and reduce it. But what exactly is it?

Subluxations occur when spinal vertebrae lose their normal motion or position. This can irritate nearby nerves that pass out from the spinal column to organs and tissues of your body.

Because nerves carry messages between your brain and your body, controlling and regulating everything, subluxations are very important!

There are three main causes:

  • Physical causes, such as a car accident, a slip or fall, a sports injury, repetitive movements, improper lifting, inadequate sleep and bad posture.
  • Emotional causes, such as grief over the death of a loved one, anger and other negative emotions that affect muscle tone can produce a burden on your body.
  • Chemical causes, that may result from poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol and substance abuse and toxins in your external environment, food and water.

Chiropractors receive special training to adjust the spine, which is designed to help reduce the nerve interference and allow the body to function more normally. Longstanding subluxations can produce unhelpful muscle patterns that may require a series of frequent visits to strengthen and retrain.

The biggest problem with subluxations is the fact that you often don’t even know that you have them!

Regular chiropractic checkups, even without obvious symptoms, can keep your nervous system in tip-top working order; much the same as receiving regular dental care keeps your teeth and gums healthy. If you have any questions about subluxations or the effects that they can have on your health, please be sure to ask at your next visit.

Family Health Care Choices

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Of course, you just want them to be healthy. How do you keep them that way?

It should really come as no surprise that women are the ones in charge of their families’ health care choices. Because they are the primary care givers in the family, for the most part, choices about the types of doctors to see, and when, generally fall under their “job description.”

So… how do you choose what’s best for your family, given the variety of health care alternatives today? Basically, it comes down to two main categories of health care: the traditional medical model (allopathic) and the alternative natural health care model. They differ greatly in their approach to illnesses/disease.

Medical Health Care Model

In the medical health care model, disease is the result of genetics and germs. It “happens” to us; we have no real control over it. The body is made up of parts and each part is cared for by a unique provider who is only interested in that part, rather than the body as a whole entity.

Symptoms and testing determine diagnosis, which is typically treated with medications, surgeries or other treatment therapies/modalities (i.e., radiation therapy). What works for one person must work for all, and doctor knows best – so patients are expected to follow all instructions.

Natural Health Care Model

The natural health care model, on the other hand, views the individual as largely responsible for his/her own illnesses based upon lifestyle choices, reactions to stress, exposure to environmental factors, etc. This model views the human body as a whole; any threat to one body part is a threat to all body parts.

The body has the ability to heal itself, without drug or surgery interventions, with the help of natural therapies that work differently for different individuals. Individuals play an important role in maintaining their health, which is more than just the absence of disease.

True health is optimal well-being in all aspects of oneself – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Which Model is Right?

It is your duty to be informed about the aspects of both health care models so that you can make intelligent decisions about your family’s health care. You may subscribe to one model and use the other when necessary, but you no longer have to adhere to the principles held by those who came before you – your parents. Both models have merit, but only when they are used as needed to provide the very best that health care has to offer.

We encourage you to try all-natural chiropractic care as your first choice. It is conservative, safe and non-invasive. If you determine that chiropractic care is not helping you or a family member, we can certainly refer you to another provider. Please give us a call to discuss your condition and how we might help you.

The Ball Bearings of the Spine

chiropractic, bulging disc, herniated disc

Like a ball bearing, each vertebra rotates around the soft center of the disc, permitting turning and bending.

They bulge, herniate, degenerate and tear, but they don’t “slip.”

Discs are the “ball bearings” of the spine. Separating each vertebra, they create the necessary spacing for nerves to exit the spinal cord to service the organs and tissues of your body. Rings of fibrous tissue called the annulus contain a soft jelly center.

In our practice, we see two common disc problems:

Bulging Disc

A weakened area of the annulus can allow the softer nucleus of the disc to bulge like a balloon. This can put pressure on nearby nerves. Bulging discs cases respond well. With improved spinal function we’ve seen many cases resolve nicely.

Herniated Disc

A herniated or ruptured disc is more serious. It can occur anywhere in the spine, but is most common in the lower back. This is when part of the soft nucleus pushes out of the annulus into the spinal canal, usually through a weakened area due to trauma or degeneration.

How Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractic care, along with simple exercise, such as walking, increased water intake and improved nutrition offer a natural, non-surgical resolution to many disc problems.

Clients experience tremendous success in addressing disc problems in our office. Chiropractic care can often help heal disc tissue and offer relief to the pain that accompanies disc problems.

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Eat Sugar


For better health, consider eliminating all refined sugar from your diet.

According to a recent study, many of us eat the equivalent of 53 heaping teaspoons of white refined sugar every day. It finds its way into a wide variety of processed foods these days. A typical soft drink contains the equivalent of 9 heaping teaspoons of sugar!

Here are ten reasons to avoid refined (white) sugar in your diet:

  1. Sugar contributes to tooth decay because it decreases the effectiveness of a particular type of white blood cell that “eats” bacteria.
  2. Sugar causes the body to release more adrenalin, which may explain hyperactivity in young children.
  3. Calcium loss in urine occurs when a person consumes a soft drink containing sugar.
  4. Ingesting sugar makes the pancreas work harder to produce insulin. Diabetes results when the overworked pancreas’ can no longer eliminate sugar from the blood stream.
  5. White refined sugar is bleached with chlorine, which, when it comes into contact with certain organic compounds, converts to dioxin, a lethal compound.
  6. Sugar can hinder weight loss because high insulin levels (see # 5 above) cause the body to store excess carbohydrates as fat.
  7. Sugar increases the likelihood of chronic fatigue.
  8. Sugar increases mood swings, irritability and anxiety.
  9. Sugar compromises the immune system because it lowers the efficiency of white blood cells for a minimum of five hours.
  10. Eating sugar can decrease helpful high-density cholesterol (HDLs) and result in an increase in harmful cholesterol (LDLs).

A Sweeter Alternative!

Here at Countryside Clinic of Chiropractic, we suggest an herb called stevia as a sweet and safer alternative to white refined sugar. It’s available in several forms. It has no calories, is sweeter than sugar and does not raise blood sugar levels. Clearly, a better choice to satisfy any sweet tooth.